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Technicraft for Year 7/8 students

Year 7 and 8 students travel by bus to Makoura College for Technicraft. Each year they do modules covering food, workshop and textiles technologies. Students must have covered shoes. A fee of is set each year by Makoura College to cover materials used throughout the year. This fee is paid to Lakeview and then passed onto the College.


Special Programmes at Lakeview:

  • We have one part time experienced teacher (Dawne Bird) who oversees our special needs programmes. Our team of Teacher aides assist teachers with programmes for children who need extra help. Dawne also oversees our Parent Tutored Reading Programme.
  • Star Writing Programme which caters for all juniors and junior middles syndicate children. This is overseen by a Reading Recovery teacher who is assisted by teacher aides.
  • RAP (Reading Assisted Programme) is run by an experienced teacher aide. Students needing intervention in reading are part of this programme which has achieved very positive results.
  • PTR - Parent tutored Reading Programme - Where volunteers come in and read one on one to our students.


Extension programmes

We have several extension programmes where a classroom teacher is released to run it. One in particular will be an extension Te Reo Group. Children will be totally immersed in Te Reo while in this session.



  • Lakeview is conscious of looking after our environment. The School works in conjunction with the Henley Trust to maintain the lake and develop the wetlands. We make extensive use of Henley Lake for walking, running, orienteering and kayaking.
  • Recycling – Our school is pro-active in recycling where possible. 
  • School Garden – We have a school garden operating with interested students, teaching horticulture and healthy eating. This includes a warm farm.
  • Bikes in Schools - bikes are available at lunch times for children to use around the bike track.


Duffy Books Programme

Lakeview is a Duffy School. Students receive free books to take home. This is a wonderful programme which encourages reading at school and home.


Fruit in Schools

Lakeview is lucky to be involved in this programme where students receive a piece of fruit daily throughout the year.


KidsCan Trust

We are a partner school of this Trust. Students receive raincoats, shoes and they supply food for the breakfast club.