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Enrolments/Pre School Visits


“Welcome to Lakeview School on behalf of the Junior Syndicate. As the Syndicate Leader, it is my job to provide any support needed to ensure your child has a smooth transition into our school. We are able to tailor classes in such a way to enable your child to form the best relationships with the teacher and with their class mates. We also suggest you organise a Thursday school visit to be part of the transition, so that your child is the most prepared they can be for their first day of school.




If you would like a tour of the school, one of our senior management team would be very happy to show you our learning environment.




Lastly if I can be of any assistance or you wish to clarify anything in this brochure, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to building a strong home/school partnership with you and your child.”




Jo Green, Junior Syndicate Leader.




Preschool visits help a child manage an important transition time in their lives. Visits can start 5 weeks before their birthday or longer if holidays get in the way.


Please enrol with Raewyn at the office and she will arrange for your child’s new teacher to ring you.  Your child must be enrolled to start the visits.


We have set aside a Thursday morning for your visit.




Procedure for first visits:


  • School visits are from 9.30-10.30am on Thursdays

  • Arrive at school and go to the office at about 9.15am. You and your child will be taken to room 21.

  • If the teacher asks your child a question, don’t immediately answer for your child.  This is part of the teacher building a relationship with your child and is an opportunity to build confidence.

  • Teachers look forward to having families in the classroom to establish a home/school partnership before your child comes to school.



New Entrant Enrolments for 2017



The leadership team of Lakeview is always looking at ways to improve our systems and structures. Sometimes this involves trialling new ways of organising classes. An example of this is the way we now have a collaborative junior room, where the strengths of both teachers are utilised to support the learning of our youngest enrolments. Our next step is to look at the way our students start school. The first part of this is to look at when students start. Next year we would like to try something new in regards to enrolments. We would like to have two intakes per term in our new entrant ‘Super Starters’ room.




There are several reasons for this:


  • Children form better friendships if they start in a group.
  • Parents can form friendships with other parents
  • There are less gaps in learning (i.e. don’t miss out on anything)
  • A more settled class in Weeks 1-5 with all children starting together.
  • Better strategic planning for the class.




Intake dates for 2017 would be:


  • Term 1 Week 1 Monday 30th January & Week 6 Monday 6th March
  • Term 2 Week 1 Monday 1st May & Week 6 Tuesday 6th June
  • Term 3 Week 1 Monday 24th July & Week 6 Monday 28th August
  • Term 4 Week 1 Monday 16th October & Week 5 Monday 13th November




Under the current Education Act, no child can officially enrol until they are 5 years old. This will now mean that some children may not start at Lakeview School for a few weeks after their 5th birthday, but now must wait for the closest intake after they turn 5.




Classroom visits, prior to enrolment, will be organised by the teacher as they are now.




If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Jo Green (New Entrant Teacher), or our principal Ed Hodgkinson, who would be happy to discuss this further.



Visits to school before the age of five can take place on a Thursday morning from 9.30-10.30am. This can be arranged with the Juniors Syndicate Leader, Joanna Green, or with Raewyn in the office however, during such visits the child is the responsibility of the parent.  



Please contact the school for an enrolment form. Download enrolment form here