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General Information


Safety is paramount. The Transport Department recommends that children under 8 are not mature enough to judge speed and distance well enough to ride bicycles on public roads. 

All children who ride bikes must wear helmets and their cycles are to be roadworthy. It is preferable if your child walks or bikes, to travel with friends or family members along a planned route.

It is also important that bikes are locked up by students for security reasons.


Bus Service

Country buses cover Bideford, Whangaehu, Blairlogie areas.  A Tranzit bus service operates which covers: East of Masterton: Herbert St, Makoura Rd, Johnstone St, Clyde St, Church St, Cameron Crescent and Colombo Road. 

Tickets can be purchased on behalf of Tranzit from the school office for $7.50 (for 10 trips)


Lunch Scheme

A lunch scheme operates every day. Orders are arranged through a classroom system. (See attached lunch slip).


Student Attendance

Lakeview School makes every attempt to account for children every day. If your child is absent for any reason it is essential the school is notified. There are several methods that can be used:

Visit the office or class teachers personally

  • Fill out the ‘Report Absence’ form on this site
  • A phone call could be made to the school office
  • A sibling or neighbour could hand in a note.
  • Txt the school cellphone - 0273192652

Where parents/Caregivers cannot be contacted unexplained absentees are referred to the Masterton Truancy Service.


Parent Assistance

Parents are encouraged to come into school and help at Maths, Reading and Language times especially in the junior school.

We also run a Parent Tutored Reading Programme across the school. Parents listen to children read on a 1:1 basis. If you would like to become part of this programme and can spare a couple of hours once a week, (or volunteer a family member – we love grandparents too) please contact the school office.


Valuables at School

Children should not bring valuables to school (including money). While the school or teachers may, under certain conditions, accept articles/money for custody, the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Students must hand all cell phones to their classroom teacher upon arrival and they can be collected when school finishes.


School Donation

$50 per child for the year. Most of our parents have in the past paid this donation

as they recognise that Government funding does not meet the costs of all the needs for educating our children.



All senior students are encouraged to take on responsibility but each year approximately 16 year 8 students are chosen to take on a House Team Leadership at Lakeview, Head & Deputy boy and girl and the house team leaders. They receive ongoing leadership training.


School Stationery

Class stationery can be purchased through The Stationery Warehouse Masterton store. Lists are given out at the end of each year with the end of year reports.


Dental Therapist

Each year the Dental Therapists spend a large part of the year at the Lakeview in their mobile bus, however they do work at other schools. If you have any dental problem with your child please phone 0272644319. Most children will be seen annually.


Reporting to parents

We welcome any enquiries from parents should you have any problems, no matter how small, regarding your child. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any other member of staff.

Parent interviews are held once a year.

 For students in Years 4-8 a Progress Report will be sent home at the end of Term 2 and parents will receive an Achievement Report at the end of term 4.

Students in Years 0-3 will receive a Progress Report at 20, 40 or 100 weeks and an Achievement report on the anniversary of the child’s birthday. At the end of the year all Year 0-3 children get an overview of the year’s progress.